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名稱:The 6th International Conference on Molecular Simulation (ICMS 2023)相關連結
時間:2023年10月06日 上午 09:00 ~ 2023年10月09日 下午 08:00

We are happy to announce that the 6th International Conference on Molecular Simulation (ICMS 2023) will be held from October 6th to 9th 2023 in the venues of the National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.

Molecular simulations have become an essential tool in Physics, Chemistry, Biological/Material Sciences, and Engineering over the last few decades. The International Conference on Molecular Simulations (ICMS) was initiated by the Molecular Simulation Society of Japan in 1994 to promote molecular simulations as a platform for inter-disciplinary research. The first three meetings were held in 1994, 2004, and 2013 in Fukui, Tsukuba, and Kobe, respectively. After the 4th and 5th ICMS in Shanghai 2016 and Jeju 2019 with hundreds of participants from more than 20 countries, the 6th ICMS was initially scheduled to take place in Taipei in 2022. However, the meeting has so far been hindered due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, with the world recovering from COVID-19 and Taiwan lifting its travel restrictions, we hope that the ICMS 2023 will not only provide a platform for scientists and engineers to meet in person again and to share state-of-the-art development in molecular simulations. We also hope it will facilitate international collaborations and promote scientific and technological advances through molecular simulations.

時間:2023年07月07日 上午 08:30 ~ 2023年07月10日 下午 09:00
為紀念瑪麗居禮 (Maria Skłodowska-Curie)榮獲諾貝爾化學獎100週年,在李遠哲院士的倡議以及國內學術界精英及產業界傑出企業家們的協力奔走之下,「居禮夫人高中化學營」首度於2011年7月隆重舉行。迄2022年,這個由財團法人張昭鼎紀念基金會所承辦的暑期營隊活動已持續辦理了十二屆。2023年營隊名稱正式更改為「瑪麗居禮科學營」,為表達對這位有卓越成就之女性科學家的尊重。辦理「瑪麗居禮科學營」的主要目的,是期盼學員們能實際體會科學與我們日常生活息息相關,譬如在電子、能源、尖端材料與生技產業中均扮演不可或缺的角色。
名稱:17th International Conference on Squeezes States and Uncertainty Relations (ICSSUR 2023)相關連結
時間:2023年06月26日 上午 09:00 ~ 2023年06月30日 下午 05:30

It is our great pleasure to inform you that the 17th International Conference on Squeezed States and Uncertainty Relations (ICSSUR 2023) will take place on 26-30 June 2023 in Taipei, Taiwan.

The event will be in-person format with regular and poster sessions. As you may know ICSSUR has a long history back to 1991, covering a wide range of topics from quantum optics to quantum atom optics and quantum information.

This time, the venue of this 5-day event is National Taiwan University (NTU)campus near the Gongguan MRT station, in Taipei, and we also plan a half-day excursion to our National Palace Museum with the banquet there (Silks Palace).

名稱:Chemistry Meets Machine Learning相關連結
時間:2023年06月15日 上午 08:30 ~ 下午 05:00

With the recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) techniques, we have seen a rise in the application of ML in various fields of science. But, on the other hand, many chemists are still wondering if using this powerful ML in a black box manner will help their research or not. In this workshop, we aim to shed some light on this.

In the morning, we will open with Prof. William Green of MIT giving a talk on “Quantitative Machine Learning for Chemical Sciences”. Then, we will have Prof. Yi-Pei Li (NTU) and Tzuhsiung Yang (NTHU) give us an idea of the basic background behind ML and what it can and can not do. In addition, we will have hands-on use of ML techniques for material property prediction, generating molecular structure for desired property, and organic chemistry predictive retrosynthesis. Lastly, we will have some lab members demo and share their experience using ML for their research.

We invite interested PIs to please join us to learn more about ML techniques and their possible application in chemical problems. Since we will have hands-on, please bring your laptop computers, and 1 lab member can also join you at the workshop.

時間:2023年04月15日 下午 01:30 ~ 下午 04:30
本活動是專為大學院校同學所舉辦,希望能讓各位對中研院原分所「化學動態學與光譜組」、「尖端材料與表面科學組」、「生物物理與分析技術組」及「原子物理與光學組」等四個研究領域的研究方向,有所認識。尤其,本所暑期研究工讀計畫 (https://www.iams.sinica.edu.tw/ssr/) ,將於四月一日開放申請,有興趣的同學,可藉此更加了解本所各實驗室的研究方向與環境,以便做出最適合自己的選擇。
名稱:Workshop on Atmospheric Chemistry相關連結
時間:2023年02月06日 下午 01:30 ~ 下午 05:00

With climate issues looming around us, understanding the atmospheric process from the molecular level to the ultrafine particle level is gaining interest. We gathered specialists in Taiwan and Japan to tell us about the frontiers of this field on Monday, February 6 afternoon (13:30-17:00) at C. T. Chang Memorial Hall (4F) at the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica.

We start with an opening lecture by Prof. Hajime Akimoto (National Institute for Environmental Studies of Japan) concerning climate change and chemistry. Prof. Hui-Ming Hung (National Taiwan University) and Prof. Chia Chen Wang (National Sun Yat-sen University) will discuss the details of aerosol growth. In the next talk, Dr. Pei-Ling Luo (Academia Sinica) will tell us about the detection of reactive species using dual-comb spectroscopy. Dr. Jim Lin (Academia Sinica) will present his endeavor in developing an oxidation reactor. In the closing talk, Prof. Ta-Chih Hsiao (National Taiwan University) will present his studies of on the detection of ultrafine particles in Taipei and its relation to human health.

名稱:Symposium on Biophysics and Biotechnology相關連結
時間:2023年02月03日 上午 09:00 ~ 下午 12:30
名稱:2022 IAMS Young Fellow Research Presentation相關連結
時間:2022年11月22日 上午 09:00 ~ 2022年11月23日 下午 08:00
Building on previous years success for the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Young Fellow Research Presentation, we will host a similar event this year on Nov 22 and 23 at Poe Lecture Hall. The past few years most of our academic activities have become online, but this year we would like to take this opportunity to hold a “physical” workshop including BOTH ORAL and POSTER presentations.
There are many excellent researches done in IAMS which are attributed to the postdoctoral fellows, research assistants, and students in the labs. In this presentation contest, we would like to give our young fellows an opportunity to tell us about their recent research findings and their future plans. We would like to take this opportunity to invite all members of the IAMS and TiGP-MST to participate in this workshop.
時間:2022年11月03日 上午 09:00 ~ 2022年11月04日 下午 05:00

The 6th Asian Workshop on Molecular Spectroscopy will take place in November 2022. Due to the Coronavirus-related travel restrictions, the workshop will take place in four local meeting sites, connected via joint video presentations. You can join us at a local meeting site, or online from a room at your own institution, and present your research to a large international audience. We strongly encourage all participants, in particular young researchers, to give oral presentations.

The local meeting site in Taipei will be held on November 3-4, 2022 at Dr. Poe Lecture Hall, Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica.

名稱:2022 中央研究院院區開放參觀--原分所活動相關連結
地點:線上活動 / 中研院人文社會科學館4樓交誼廳
時間:2022年10月28日 上午 09:00 ~ 2022年10月29日 下午 04:00


名稱:2022 IAMS-NTNU-YCU Jointly Online Workshop相關連結
時間:2022年08月31日 上午 08:00 ~ 下午 05:30
Recovering from the pandemic, many academic events are slowly coming back. We are happy to announce that this year on August 31, we will host an ONLINE workshop jointly with students from the Molecular Science and Technology Program at Taiwan International Graduate Program (TiGP-MST) at the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences (IAMS), the department of physics at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), and Graduate school of Nanobioscience at Yokohama City University (YCU).

Meeting link: https://asmeet.webex.com/asmeet-en/j.php?MTID=ma01ed77583365bdc6e551c9f501c07ef
Meeting number:2510 300 3849
時間:2022年08月29日 上午 09:00 ~ 2022年08月30日 下午 12:10
時間:2022年07月08日 上午 09:00 ~ 2022年07月11日 下午 09:00
名稱:中研院原分所實驗室開放參觀活動 (改為線上參觀)相關連結
時間:2022年04月16日 下午 01:30 ~ 下午 06:30

本活動是專為大學院校同學所舉辦,希望能讓各位對中研院原分所「化學動態學與光譜組」、「尖端材料與表面科學組」、「生物物理與分析技術組」及「原子物理與光學組」等四個研究領域的研究方向,有所認識。尤其,本所暑期研究工讀計畫 (https://www.iams.sinica.edu.tw/ssr/) ,將於四月一日開放申請,有興趣的同學,可藉此更加了解本所各實驗室的研究方向與環境,以便做出最適合自己的選擇。

名稱:Memorial Workshop In honor of Prof. Sheng-Hsien Lin相關連結
時間:2022年03月13日 上午 10:30 ~ 下午 12:00

A special event to honor Prof. Sheng H. Lin will be held on March 13, 2022, 10:30am-noon (GMT+8). This event is a hybrid-mode meeting. The venue for in-person meeting will be in "國立臺灣師範大學 校本部 誠102會議室" as a session in "化學年會".

The online mode will be conducted through WebEX. You can use the following links to join this workshop:https://ppt.cc/fm7XFx
Webex meeting ID:2511 396 9684

In memoriam:https://reurl.cc/MbLYmL

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