Laser & Photonics Support Center(LPSC)

After the 1970s, due to the rapid development of laser technology and some advenced instruments, atomic and molecular scientific research has been expanded to a new field. By the continuous developemtn of laser technology, its application fields have extended from fundametal science research to industrial applications and daily life. In order to meet the needs of the experiment research and application, the Laser & Photonics Support Center was established to support the requirments of research and development of cutting-edge experimental technologies in IAMS. In addition to technical supports, LPSC also participates in the research of PI, and also actively develops independent research.

LPSC offers a training course for fundamental experiment skills in summer regularly. This is a basic course that suits any background. This course is for junior graduate students and research assistants. The teaching methods combine the general principles description and instrument operation demostration. The purpose is to enable students and research assistants to understand the principles and operation skills of instruments used in the laboratory.

Training course syllabus