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Intern Experience

Nguyen Ha Quyen, Viet Nam

Vietnam National University, University of Science

Internship Period: 2020-02-08 ~ 2020-09-10
Hosting PI: Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo
A lifetime experience
I have joined three internships at Academia Sinica and IAMS IIP under the supervision of Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo. My first time internship was last year, Oct 2019 after I graduated from university. During that time, I have found that Taiwan is the best country for me to study Master. I applied for a Master's Degree at the Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University. I came back to Taiwan for the second internship at Academia Sinica and the third internship at IAMS before the Fall semester start at NTU. The returning time was a lifetime experience for me. Due to COVID 19, I cannot come back home and it kept me for a very long time internship and caused a lot of troubles with visa. I wouldn’t know how to deal with that but all thanks to the help from Prof. Kuo and Ms. Annie, the problems were solved. On the other hand, I enjoyed working at our lab, which is a very international and fun environment. I have learned a lot of research skills from Prof. Kuo, Dr. Chih-Kai Lin, Dr. Qian-Rui Huang, and the other group members. I was involved in a collaborative project between Prof. Kuo and Prof. Naresh Patawari’s group at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India. Encouraging preliminary results have lead to a publication, which makes my internship more meaningful.
Prabesh Bista, Nepal

Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University

Internship Period: 2020-05-01 ~ 2020-07-31
Hosting PI: Prof. Cheng-Tien Chiang
IAMS-IIP: A Perfect Place To Learn
I enjoyed a lot while doing an internship at IAMS. The environment of IAMS was charming and equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories. I was fortunate to work with Dr. Cheng-Tien Chiang, who not only supported but also inspired me a lot to pursue a research career in the future. Furthermore, the labmates were helpful and friendly. Whenever I got confused while doing an experiment, they assisted me without any hesitation. During this short period, I learned many skills, and I traveled to some mesmerizing places in Taiwan which still reminds me a lot. At last but not least I encourage everyone to apply for this internship.
Deepak Vishnu Solai Kumaresh, India

Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology

Internship Period: 2020-04-13 ~ 2020-08-09
Hosting PI: Prof. Cheng-Tien Chiang
IAMS internship feedback
I have successfully completed my internship program in Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences (IAMS). I would like to thank Academia Sinica for providing me this wonderful opportunity to carry out this internship.  As an internship student, I have earned good knowledge and required skills in the field of research. Dr. Cheng-Tien Chiang highly motivated me throughout this program. He is a kind person with astonishing energy. His teaching methodology and trouble shooting skills surprised me. And he taught me the required research skills by spending his valuable time. The colleagues who worked with me are so polite and sociable. They taught me the instrument handling skills with greater involvement. Academia Sinica is providing a good opportunity to motivate the young research students towards the sea of research. They have well equipped laboratories with highly protective infrastructure. Ms. Bonnie Lin and Ms. Yue -Yuan Lin supported me a lot to resolve the difficulties that I have faced during my internship. Ultimately, I have got good experience through this internship program. This internship opportunity acted as a bridge for my research journey. I will also suggest my juniors to get involve into this program for their bright future.
Nguyen Quoc Thang, Viet Nam

University of Science, Viet Nam National University-Ho Chi Minh City 3rd year Undergraduate Student, Department of Materials Science and Technology

Internship Period: 2019-07-01 ~ 2019-09-26
Hosting PI: Prof. Kuei-Hsien Chen
“IAMS-IIP: Inspire you to pursue your dreams”
Advanced Materials Laboratory -IAMS is the best place for me to learn, experience and explore myself. During my internship in AML, I learnt many precious knowledges related to research works from Prof. Kuei-Hsien Chen and the Lab’s senior members. It will help me a lot in the future. AML’s members are very friendly, sociable and I have a lot of unforgettable memories with them. In addition to professional knowledges, they also helped me develop interactive and problem-solving skills. I was a shy person and did not present anything in front of a crow. But now, after summer internship I become more confident and can break the ice with anyone. Besides, this is my first time I come to Taiwan, Taiwan is the beautiful and wonderful country including the diverse cuisine, stunning landscape and kind people. Finally, I would like to express my profound gratitude to Prof. Kuei-Hsien Chen for giving me a opportunity to join, learn and work at AML. Besides, I also would like to thank Amr Sabbah and other members for their willingness during my internship.
Teh Soon, Malaysia

3rd year Undergraduate, Department of Physics, University of Malaya

Internship Period: 2019-02-19 ~ 2019-08-04
Hosting PI: Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo
Can't get enough
As a testament to the success of the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences international internship program (IAMS-IIP), many including me are returning interns. Upon the end of internship, although not mandatory, one could expect continued discussion and guidance on the project which may led to possible publication. The internship is a great opportunity to expand one's horizon, gain a few friends or to kick-start one's research career. These are only made possible by the Taiwanese hospitality culture and the abundance of resource at IAMS in providing all the necessary support for its interns. Special thanks to my hosting PI, Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo and his postdocs, Dr. Po-Jen Hsu and Jake Tan for making my internship experience extremely rewarding.
Adam Jo J. Elatico, Philippines

University of the Philippines Diliman

Internship Period: 2019-04-02 ~ 2019-07-31
Hosting PI: Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo
Second time's the charm.
This is now my second time in Taiwan and I'm very happy to be back. My internship this time has been very interesting and it coincided with other activities as well. I did some lab rotation where I first worked with membrane proteins under the supervision of Dr. Tsyr-Yan "Dharma" Yu. Here, I learned essential skills in handling bacteria, and production of membrane proteins and embedding them into nanodiscs. Then, I worked on the computational project where I left off during my previous internship under Dr. Jer-Lai Kuo. During this time, I was also involved with the 3rd Taiwan-Philippines Workshop on Computational Chemistry and Physics. It was quite a loaded internship this time around, but it's all worth it considering that I've learned so much more. This is why the IAMS–IIP, for me, is definitely worth it!
Anik Biswas, India

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay 3rd year Undergraduate Student, Chemical Engineering Department

Internship Period: 2019-05-09 ~ 2019-07-25
Hosting PI: Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo
IAMS-IIP provides the best enriching exposure and experience to the cutting edge research in the atomic and molecular sciences. During my stay in Taiwan, I made countless fond memories that I will cherish forever. The jovial and light-hearted labmates, the super-helpful mentors and the always-encouraging PI moulded my entire working experience to be very gratifying. Apart from the work, the turquoise rivers and sea, the cerulean sky, the steep cliffs and the scenic mountain trails of Taiwan kept me enthralled for the entire duration I dwelt in the island country. It was an absolute delight to relish numbers of Taiwanese culinary delicacies, especially at the night markets. I would like to say ‘Xièxiè’ to all for every opportunity and gift of memory bestowed upon me.
Pravin Pandurang Raut, India

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Department of Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science

Internship Period: 2019-05-09 ~ 2019-07-15
Hosting PI: Prof. Ching-Ming Wei
IAMS IIP: An avenue to explore your research skills
Working as a computational research intern at IAMS was a joyful experience with a lot of good memories. I learned a completely new set of things related to research in this short period. These people have developed an interactive and friendly working environment, which allows you to discuss your doubts with the professor and senior group members quite comfortably. Moreover, my PI and post-doc guide was really helpful and friendly people. We had jovial conversations in our meetings. Furthermore, their support staff is accommodating; they try to understand every small concern and help to solve it in every possible way.
Apart from academics, Taiwan is an excellent place for tourism with scenic beauties and good weather. We visited most of the famous spots, and those memories will be carried further. Moreover, if you are a foodie, then Taiwan is the right place for you where you can find varieties of options. So overall, it was a great experience to work with people who have developed a good work-life balance.
Le Tri Dat, Viet Nam

Ho Chi Minh City University of Science

Internship Period: 2019-03-04 ~ 2019-05-03
Hosting PI: Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo
My name is Le Tri Dat. Currently, I work at Ton Duc Thang University as a researcher. I studied the master level at VNUHCM-University of Science. When I was a master student, I knew the internship program of Academia Sinica. I applied and accepted by the program. I achieved many experiences when I joined the internship program.
I approached with new problems and methods. I studied many issues such as Discrete Variable Representation (DVR) Method, anharmonic oscillators problem. Furthermore, I was contacted with high-performance computing (HPC) and write code by Python as well as calculations by using Gaussian software.
That is a friendly environment. Everybody often helps each other. When I was a new member, other members supported me for familiarizing yourself with the new environment. Everybody always discusses with me comfortably.
When I finished the internship program, I obtained many experiences for myself. It inspired me with scientific research. I would like to acknowledge my PI and other members in Jer-Lai Kou Lab.
Abhilash Kumar Jha, India

Cochin University of Science and Technology 1st year Master Student, International School of Photonics

Internship Period: 2019-05-01 ~ 2019-06-30
Hosting PI: Prof. Ying-Cheng Chen
"Taiwan has a great work culture blended with perfect work-life balance"
I had a really great time in Taiwan, especially at IAMS. Each day ended with a great learning experience. The Professor and labmates were very supportive and jovial. Apart from work, I had a great time with labmates in other aspects of life too. We use to have lunch together and I tried a lot of local foods here. Especially, seafood was awesome. I was accommodated in the TIGP Dorm. The stay was really comfortable and the residents were super friendly. I really acknowledge IAMS for such a great initiative in from of IAMS-IIP.
Trinh Thi Ly, Viet Nam

Vietnam National University-HCM city (VNUHCM) Fourth-year Undergraduate, Department of Materials Science and Technology, University of Science

Internship Period: 2019-03-15 ~ 2019-05-15
Hosting PI: Prof. Kuei-Hsien Chen
My memorable Internship at CCMS
Two months is not a long time but I have studied many things. I feel much more mature after I joined this Internship program. I can study many modern machines at CCMS. Especially, I make friends with many people to different countries. My group members are very friendly and lovely. They helped me a lot during my Internship. In addition to working days, I can take part in meetings with the laboratory’s members. I understand more about the research path and what I need to prepare after graduating. Finally, Thank Prof. Chen for giving me a wonderful opportunity to study at CCMS.
Dung-Kiet La, Viet Nam

Ho Chi Minh City University of Education

Internship Period: 2019-03-04 ~ 2019-05-02
Hosting PI: Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo
"IAMS-IIP: Broaden my considerable knowledge"
That is a perfect opportunity in order to learn research directions relative to my target for two months. Particularly, I have been worked with experts in the vibrational spectrum and got much help from them. Moreover, all the members of the group are really friendly and make me unforgettable memories. In addition, Taiwan is a beautiful country including tasty food, spectacular scenery, so on. In conclusion, IAMS (Academia Sinica) is an ideal place for studying and living. Thank you all for giving me a valuable experience.
Adam Jo J. Elatico, Philippines

University of the Philippines Diliman

Internship Period: 2018-12-14 ~ 2019-01-31
Hosting PI: Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo
"IAMS-IIP: Fulfillingly worth it!"
IAMS-IIP opened up another world which I have never explored before. The internship has greatly added valuable skills and knowledge for my research career. The relevant technology and experience of experts in the institute all contributed to the conducive environment for research. Aside from work, the company of the people in the lab quickly formed friendships. My internship experience would not have been possible without all the help from our hosts at IAMS. Special mention to Dr. Jake Tan who was very willing and eager to guide us all the way, not just in research, but also in our very brief stay in Taiwan.
Christopher Llynard Diasanta Ortiz, Philippines

University of the Philippines Diliman

Internship Period: 2018-12-14 ~ 2019-01-31
Hosting PI: Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo
"IAMS-IIP: An avenue for a level-up research experience”
A whole new world...”, these are the words that would describe my internship under IAMS-IIP. The advanced facilities and outstanding expertise of the institute have greatly helped me forming my career as young researcher. I could say that I found a collaborative research community because I learned not only science but valuing friendship with science. To the person who untiringly imparted his knowledge and expertise to me, Dr. Hock-Seng Nguan, many thanks. To Dr. Jake Tan, who always guide us and impart his wisdom, many thanks also. 谢谢!你是我的第二故乡。
Anna Lee Q. Valenzuela, Philippines

University of the Philippines Diliman

Internship Period: 2018-12-14 ~ 2019-01-15
Hosting PI: Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo
"IAMS-IIP: a valuable internship experience”
My internship in IAMS was a great learning experience. Working in Dr. Jer-Lai Kuo's laboratory, with the help of the advanced technology and the experts, has helped me appreciate scientific research. This internship has also enabled me to apply and enhance my knowledge and skills that I could utilize in future for contributing to the scientific community. Aside from that, I have enjoyed my stay because it is a good environment to work (and the campus is beautiful as well) and the food around the campus is great too. I am very grateful for this opportunity with the help from our welcoming hosts in the institute. Also, I would like to thank Dr. Jake Tan for teaching me a lot in the internship and for helping me in my undergraduate thesis.
Gia Linh Hoang, Viet Nam

VNU University of Science-Hanog

Internship Period: 2018-07-01 ~ 2018-08-31
Hosting PI: Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo
"The two-month internship at IAMS is an unforgettable experience in my life."
Everything is much more amazing than I expected. I had thought that doing the research was stressful but after this trip, I changed my mind. The working environment brings me comfortability and many fun, with friendly people from different countries. Two months is not a long time but I learned a lot thanks to enthusiastic guidance of my PI (Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo) and the seniors. Besides working days, I have fun evenings and weekends with the lab members. We jointly explored and experienced the beautiful scenery, culture and the delicious traditional cuisine of Taiwan. Every day is full of joy and I've never loved the lab work so much like that. Thank Taiwan, IAMS, and everyone for giving me this wonderful experience.
Harender Singh Dhattarwal, India

Junior Research Fellow at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Internship Period: 2018-10-20 ~ 2018-11-30
Hosting PI: Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo
I did 40 days internship at IAMS. In this short period, I learned a lot. The environment here is very work friendly, regular discussion with the PI and postdocs helped a lot in proceeding my work. The campus is also very alive. The weather is mind-blowing and there are a lot of scenic beauties around the campus.
TEH SOON, Malaysia

3rd year Undergraduate, Department of Physics, University of Malaya

Internship Period: 2018-06-11 ~ 2018-08-31
Hosting PI: Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo
"To put it simply, the internship experience in IAMS is great and rewarding."
In IAMS, you have the facilities and faculties worthy of a world-class research institute. The friendly workspace coupled with approachable and helpful mentor enables an overall productive internship. And the icing of the cake is the opportunity to explore the unique culture of Taiwan.

3rd year Undergraduate, Department of Chemistry, University of Bath

Internship Period: 2018-06-03 ~ 2018-07-31
Hosting PI: Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo
"My time at IAMS was an amazing experience, the opportunity to meet and work with such great people is something I'll always remember."
I enjoyed working in our research lab which had so many different nationalities and cultures which provided a fun environment. Everyone there is a pleasure to be around from the seniors to the other interns, given the chance I'd happily return. I learned so many skills within the short 2 months, I had previously visited Taipei twice before so was familiar with the city which is one I love! The whole of Taiwan has plenty to offer in terms of sightseeing and activities which one should do!

3rd year Undergraduate, Indian Institute of Science

Internship Period: 2018-05-08 ~ 2018-07-30
Hosting PI: Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo
When I think about my internship at IAMS the first word which came to mind was "Heaven".
Yes, it truly was. I had the best three months of my life in Taiwan. IAMS have really good faculty members, infrastructure and an amazing environment to carry out research. My principal investigator (Jer-lai Kuo), co-guide and all the lab members were very friendly and helpful. I can run to them anytime with my doubts and they used to clarify it without any hesitation. Taiwan is a beautiful Island with beaches, mountains and lush green all around. I did little bit traveling on Sundays and I don't know how to describe the places I saw "mesmerizing, beautiful, Impeccable" I think words will fall short. The best thing about this internship was there were no weekdays without work and no weekends without fun. It was a perfect blend of research and fun. I only have one thing to tell "Xie- Xie Taiwan for this wonderful three months".
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