The Stereodynamics Conference has a history of success, starting from 1986 in Jerusalem (Israel). Then, the conference is held every other year: 1988 in Bad Honnef (Germany), 1990 in Santa Cruz (USA), 1992 in Assisi (Italy), 1994 in Gif sur Yvette (France), 1996 in Bielefeld (Germany), 1998 in Leeds (United Kingdom), 2000 in Escorial (Spain), 2002 in Schoorl (Netherlands), 2004 in Osaka (Japan), 2006 in Arcachon (France), 2008 in Dalian (China), 2010 in San Cruz (USA), 2012 in Paris (France), and 2014 in St. Petersburg (Russia).
The 2016 edition of Stereodynamics Conference will be held in Taipei, Taiwan during Nov. 6 to 11. The venue is at the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences. The conference seeks to unravel the most fundamental, directional aspects of chemical reaction, energy transfer, and photodynamics studied at the molecular level. We hope to bring together researchers performing cutting-edge experimental/theoretical studies in:

  • Orientation and alignment
  • Photon, atomic and molecular polarization
  • Chirality and steric effect
  • Reaction dynamics in gas phase
  • Reaction dynamics in condensed phase and at interface
  • Dynamics in photodissociation/photoionization
  • Ultrafast photochemistry and real time dynamics
  • Cold molecules and related phenomena

The conference features Bernstein Award lecture, keynote lectures, invited lectures, hot topics, two poster sessions, and sufficient opportunities for discussion. The hot topics will be selected from the posters submitted. Several poster awards will be given. Further, a one-day session on Nov. 10 will be dedicated to the event of 30th anniversary of Professors D. R. Herschbach, Y. T. Lee and J. C. Polanyi for receiving the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1986. The session is focused on the reaction dynamics in the gas phase. We are very glad to inform you of the great news that Nobel Laureates D. R. Herschbach, Y. T. Lee, and J. C. Polanyi have promised to be present for the commemorative moment.
The arrival day is Nov 6, followed by a reception to be given in the evening. The scientific program will be open in the morning of Nov. 7 and end at noon of Nov. 11, 2016.

  • Registration and abstract submission will close on October 8.
  • Each poster board will be 146 cm wide by 90 cm high. (Usable space is 140 cm wide by 80 cm high.)
    Thumbtacks/tape will be available onsite for mounting the displays.
Important Dates
  • Early bird registration opens from March 15 to August 14. (USD 400 for regular participants and USD 100 for students with ID)
  • Regular registration opens from August 15 to October 8.(USD 450 for regular participants and USD150 for students with ID)
  • Abstract submission opens on March 15 and closes on October 8.
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