Jung-Chi Liao
E-mail jcliao@iams.sinica.edu.tw
Office 202
Tel. of office +886-2-2366-8202
Laboratory 222, 231
Tel. of Lab. +886-2-2362-4944, +886-2-2362-4968
Research Interests
Honors, Awards, and Recognitions
Selected Publications
  1. Chong, W.M., Wang, W.-J., Lo, C.-H., Chiu, T.-Y., Chang, T.-J., Liu, Y.-P., Tanos, B., Mazo, G., Tsou, M.-F.B., Jane, W.-N., Yang, T.T., Liao, J.-C. (2020) Super-resolution microscopy reveals coupling between mammalian centriole subdistal appendages and distal appendages. eLife, 9, e53580.
  2. Yang, T.T., Tran T.M.N., Chong, W.M., Huang, C.-E., Liao, J.-C. (2019) Single particle tracking localization microscopy reveals nonaxonemal dynamics of intraflagellar transport proteins at the base of mammalian primary cilia. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 30, 828-837.
  3. Zhang, X., Li, Z., Wang, P.-J., Liao, K.Y. Chou, S.-J., Chang, S.-F., Liao, J.-C. (2019) One-shot learning for function-specific region segmentation in mouse brain. Proceedings of 2019 IEEE 15th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging.
  4. Chen, C.-W., Wang, H.-L., Huang, C.-W., Tu, I.-C., Koorapati, A., Hsieh, S.-T., Kan, H.-W., Liao, J.-C., Chong, W. M., Naroditzky, I., Kidron, D., Eran, A., Nijim, Y., Sela, E., Feldman, H.B., Kalfon, L, Raveh-Barak, H, Falik-Zaccai, T., Elpeleg, O., Mandel, H., Chang, Z.-F. (2019) Two separate functions of NME3 critical for cell survival underlie a neurodegenerative disorder. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 116 (2), 566-574.
  5. Weng, R.R., Yang, T.T., Huang, C.-E., Chang, C.-W., Wang, W.-J., Liao, J.-C. (2018) Super-resolution imaging reveals TCTN2 depletion-induced IFT88 lumen leakage and ciliary weakening. Biophysical Journal, 115, 263-275.
  6. Hsu, W.-H., Wang, W.-J., Lin, W.-Y., Juang, Y.-M., Lai, C.-C., Liao, J.-C., Chen, H.-C. (2018) Adducin-1 is essential for spindle pole integrity through its interaction with TPX2. EMBO Reports, e45607.
  7. Yang, T.T., Chong, W.M., Wang, W.-J., Mazo G., Tanos, B., Chen, Z., Tran T.M.N., Chen, Y.-D., Weng, R.R., Huang, C.-E., Jane, W.-N. Tsou, M.-F.B., Liao, J.-C. (2018) Super-resolution architecture of mammalian centriole distal appendages reveals distinct blade and matrix functional components. Nature Communications, 9, 2023.
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