The 2nd Asia-Pacific Symposium on Solid Surfaces and Cross-Strait Symposium on Solid Surfaces will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, at the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences (IAMS), located on the main campus of National Taiwan University, from November 13 to 16, 2016. This Symposium expands the original Russia-Japan Seminar on Semiconductor Surfaces (1993~2012) into a platform for enhancing the interaction and collaboration among researchers in the Asia-Pacific region working in the fields related to solid surfaces and 2-dimentional systems. The 1st Asia-Pacific Symposium on Solid Surfaces was held in Vladivostok, Russia in September 2014 (

The Symposium welcomes researchers in the fields such as condensed matter physics and surface physics as well as physics and chemistry of 2-d materials to report their latest achievements in a lively, stimulating, interactive and friendly atmosphere. No registration fee will be charged.

Important Dates
  • Registration Deadline: October 31.
  • Abstract Submission Deadline: October 31.
  • Poster acceptance notification will be sent by November 1.
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